What’s goin’ on Mekon?

Nothing super new to report.

My web browser app still hasn’t been approved yet. My first review took 8 days (a pretty reliable average for review time), and resulted in a rejection (a pretty reliable result for review). Their complaint was annoyingly small, but legitimate. I wasn’t doing any checking for a lack of network connection, which “could result in user confusion.” Fine. After a quick fix, a new binary was submitted on the same day that it was rejected.

Over two weeks later… still no word from Apple. I’ve emailed them asking for a status update, but emailing the App Review team is like yelling into the wind. I haven’t gotten the dreaded “your app will require additional review time”, so I guess that’s good. There just hasn’t been any feedback yet, at all.

The App Review process is still a thorn in my side, for all of the reasons I’ve already written about. I submitted a “stuck pixel” fixing application, which was rejected for some BS reason. They were essentially saying that they don’t allow that kind of application on the App Store, but of course, they ALREADY HAVE apps like that on the store. They’re basically telling me “no pixel fixer apps in the app store”, and there is a pixel fixer app in the store already. Of course, I emailed them to alert them of this contradiction, to no response.

You can imagine the frustration.

iMobilepedia sales have been relatively brisk lately, thanks largely to the new “Health & Human Body” series. I’ll be trying a bunch of different topics in the near future.

I have a few new ideas for legitimate apps that I could make, but I’m holding off for awhile.

I love developing for the iPhone OS. It’s great. It’s fun. I’m a fan. But the App Store review process is SO BAD, that it almost completely ruins the whole thing for me. That factor alone has single-handedly made me reconsider moving forward with any and all iPhone development in the future. It’s a shame that such a great development platform has distribution that is so uneven, subjective, shady, and possibly even corrupt.

It’s that bad.

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