Progression with direction obsession

I’m actually working on iPhone game stuff! Who would have guessed?

Today I implemented Landscape support, so now I can setup a game to run in Portrait/Landscape without much work. This is made non-trivial by the iPhone’s implementation of OpenGL ES in conjunction with the way it handles touch-events. I think I have everything all set now though.

Once I have all of the tools that I need, I’ll probably start out simple. I have big “magnum opus” game ideas that I want to get to, but the bigger the project is, the less likely it’ll ever get finished. By starting off with a small simple game, I’m giving myself a much greater chance of success. I can slowly work my way up to bigger and better things as I get more comfortable with game development, and as my tools become more robust over time.

Should be fun.

I installed Snow Leopard, and its pretty nice. I was most looking forward to Quicktime X, and its new Screen Recording feature. I’m already making full use of it, and I plan to keep a full video journal of my development going forward. It’s a nice way to demonstrate new features as I add them.

Here’s a bug with my sprite rotation that produced some fun results:

…and here is that bug fixed:

Keep an eye here for more videos in the future.

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