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Honorable Mention

Fix-a-Pixel just won this:

Automated and nearly-meaningless, but neat!

Capsule Toys

Behold, Capsule Toys.

Capsule Toys is our newest application for the iPhone, and is currently available for download for FREE on the App Store. Download it today!

Capsule Toys brings the fun of collecting gashapon to the iPhone!

Capsule Toys contains over 100 unique prizes to collect, with more on the way in future updates. Simply turn the handle on the machine to get a capsule. Pick it up, *pop* it open, and reveal the mystery toy inside!

Keep track of your entire collection within the application. Compare collection statistics with friends!

In America, Capsule Toy machines can be found in supermarkets, bowling alleys, and arcades.

In Japan, capsule toys are known as “gashapon” (or “gachapon”), and are very popular with people of all ages. These gashapon machines can be found everywhere, and there are toys for everything that you can imagine!

Capsule Toys. Collect them all!

This is the “secret” application that I was referring to in a previous post. It was a pleasant surprise to see it approved without any problems!

This is only version 1.0, and I have plenty of enhancements planned. More info later.

Capsule Toys Capsule Toys Capsule Toys!