Mama always said I’d be a Starlet

I was honored to learn that Giant Bomb had recently named me a “Community Starlet”!

It’s time for us to once again give praise to hard working Giant Bomb members! Today, however, we’re doubling the Starlet count with the equally fabulous Evilmax17 and BuggeX. These two grabbed our attention with their brilliant uses of the Whiskey Media API. They each created dedicated Giant Bomb video applications on various media streaming services.

Remember that media-streaming Roku box that clearly favored when compared to its fellow competitors? Well, it just so happens that Evilmax17 took it upon himself to tinker with the Roku SDK, and mesh it together with the Whiskey API.


Thank you once again evilmax17 and BuggeX for putting the time and effort to creatively use our development tools and build something for all of us to enjoy.

That really, really made my day. Thanks guys!

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