I’ve developed the bad habit of not announcing my new Roku channels on this blog.

Introducing 1080p Showcase, my newest private channel for the Roku Streaming Player! This channel is not available in the Channel Store, but you can add it to your Roku for free here.

The sole purpose of this channel is to provide streams of 1080p videos, and ONLY 1080p videos. You won’t find any 480p or 720p streams here. “Where can I find 1080p content on my Roku?” is a commonly asked question, and this channel is designed to be the definitive answer.

This initial release features 1080p videos from YouTube. It turns out that not many websites are streaming in 1080p yet, but as more places begin to offer it, they will be promptly added to this channel.

I’m particularly fond of the channel’s visual design. Some of my influences for it are as follows:

If you want to test your new Roku’s 1080p capability, then 1080p Showcase is the best and easiest way to do it. Try it today!

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    • michael
    • July 24th, 2012

    Anyway I could get the code for this roku app? I would love to edit the code to show 480p and 720p. Would you be willing to send me the files in a zip file? That would be awesome. Thanks.

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