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Tender Viddles

I hadn’t mentioned it yet, but late last year I developed and released the Viddler Channel as a private Roku channel. This channel is not available in the Channel Store, but you can downloaded it here.

This is worth mentioning now, because…

Dragon Blogger just listed the Viddler Channel as one of his recommended Roku private channels!

Below are the list of Roku Private Channels I have found most useful and recommend to Roku users.


Viddler Channel

Video’s from Engadget, I Can Haz Cheezburger Fail Blog and more can be found on “VIDDLER” . This is a free channel with a ton of online content.

Thanks man!


Mama always said I’d be a Starlet

I was honored to learn that Giant Bomb had recently named me a “Community Starlet”!

It’s time for us to once again give praise to hard working Giant Bomb members! Today, however, we’re doubling the Starlet count with the equally fabulous Evilmax17 and BuggeX. These two grabbed our attention with their brilliant uses of the Whiskey Media API. They each created dedicated Giant Bomb video applications on various media streaming services.

Remember that media-streaming Roku box that clearly favored when compared to its fellow competitors? Well, it just so happens that Evilmax17 took it upon himself to tinker with the Roku SDK, and mesh it together with the Whiskey API.


Thank you once again evilmax17 and BuggeX for putting the time and effort to creatively use our development tools and build something for all of us to enjoy.

That really, really made my day. Thanks guys!

Heard it on CNET

CNET just mentioned the Whiskey Media channel as part of their new review of the Roku XD|S!

All of the programming on the Roku Player is available a la carte via the Roku Channel Store (see the setup section below for details), with more than 100 channels to choose from. A handful are quite good; many however, you’ll find you can live without. (The full list is available at Roku’s Web site.)

Some of the most notable channels are:


That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Other channels include AlloyTV, Baeble Music,,, Chow, Crackle, Facebook Photos, Flixster, FrameChannel, Jaman, MobileTribe, MOG, MP3tunes, NASA TV, Picasa Web Albums, SHOUTcast Internet Radio, Vimeo, and Whiskey Media. There are dozens more (more than 100 and counting), though many others are so niche-oriented (read: obscure) that you’ve likely never heard of them.

Thanks guys!

Part Deux

Tested recently took another look at the Whiskey Media channel during their review of the Roku XD|S!

Tested reviews the Roku XD|S

Big things are in the works for version 2.0!  It’s a good time to be a Roku-owning Whiskey fan.

Stay tuned!

Second verse, same as the first

Another appearance on both Zatz Not Funny! and Engadget.

Raising awareness!

Updates + Sightings

The Whiskey Media channel is now currently installed by over 5,000 Roku users!

Not a bad little milestone, and it only took about 3 weeks to get there.  We’ve been maintaining a healthy and consistent 1,500 installs-per-week average.  It’s still listed under the “What’s New” section of the Roku Channel Store, and I’m sure that’s been having a positive impact as well.  Hopefully the numbers don’t fall off too much once the channel is no longer “new”.

Zatz Not Funny! recently got a sneak peak at the next Roku firmware, and take a look at which channel is selected in the new Channel Store!  Even better, the story was later picked up by Engadget.  It’s always nice to see the Whiskey Media channel make an appearance, and the new layout looks great too.

Whiskey Media channel on Roku 2.8

After a few busy weeks, I have now just started working on the next version of the channel.  At the very least, I plan to include the ability to search for videos and to listen to podcasts.  I’m toying with a few other ideas as well, but I’ll have to do some testing to see if they’re feasible.

More to come!

One week out

It’s been a week since our Whiskey Media channel was published to the Roku Channel Store, and we’re happy with the results! It’s been downloaded over 1,500 times in just 7 days, which seems like a pretty good number. Hopefully the download rate doesn’t plateau too quickly.

In related news, it also got some video attention from Whiskey Media’s own Tested!

Tested views the Whiskey Media Roku channel

Will and Norm took a gander at the Whiskey Media channel during their Roku Quick Look. FYI guys, I wanted to have Tested on the channel! Currently only Giant Bomb + Comic Vine offer APIs, so that’s what I supported. Tested + Screened + Anime Vice will be added as soon as their APIs are exposed, which I hope is soon!

All in all, a good week.