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I’ve got some great momentum going.

I haven’t done this much continuous work since back in the day. When I first started iPhone development, I basically worked for two months straight, everyday after work (and even on weekends), nonstop development. In that time I created DDR Compendium, Collage, Fix-a-Pixel, and the iMobilepedia framework.

Quick Tangent: I probably should have picked another name for “Collage”. There are like 20 other apps on the App Store that have the name “Collage”, and they all do some form of collaging. I still think it sounds cool, but so does every other app developer in the Universe I guess. Maybe I could have called it “Tiles”? “Layers”? “Portals”? I dunno, but its too late now.

Anyway, yeah, made more progress today.

I set up bounding-box collision detection, which I adapted from my unfinished Allegro project. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and I especially like the way that I implemented it.

You can see an example of it here:

Things I still need to do:
– Animation
– Tiles (for backgrounds)
– Sound
– Rumble (low priority)
– Accelerometer (low priority)

There’s a bunch of other small things, but those are what jump to mind at the moment.

Hopefully I can keep this fire burnin!
~Stachel Paige

Progression with direction obsession

I’m actually working on iPhone game stuff! Who would have guessed?

Today I implemented Landscape support, so now I can setup a game to run in Portrait/Landscape without much work. This is made non-trivial by the iPhone’s implementation of OpenGL ES in conjunction with the way it handles touch-events. I think I have everything all set now though.

Once I have all of the tools that I need, I’ll probably start out simple. I have big “magnum opus” game ideas that I want to get to, but the bigger the project is, the less likely it’ll ever get finished. By starting off with a small simple game, I’m giving myself a much greater chance of success. I can slowly work my way up to bigger and better things as I get more comfortable with game development, and as my tools become more robust over time.

Should be fun.

I installed Snow Leopard, and its pretty nice. I was most looking forward to Quicktime X, and its new Screen Recording feature. I’m already making full use of it, and I plan to keep a full video journal of my development going forward. It’s a nice way to demonstrate new features as I add them.

Here’s a bug with my sprite rotation that produced some fun results:

…and here is that bug fixed:

Keep an eye here for more videos in the future.